The mission of SLS is to provide a Christian environment for the growth and development of children’s souls, minds, and bodies (Matt 22:37), equipping each child to strive towards what God intended him/her to be (Mark 10:14).

Springfield Lutheran School is a ministry of Redeemer Lutheran Church, providing for the spiritual and educational needs of children.  We offer classes beginning with three-year-olds in our preschool through eighth grades preparing to enter high school.  Caring and supportive teachers daily share their love and provide direction to the students in their classroom and to all the children in our care.  We welcome children from all faith backgrounds.  SLS is a family focused on God, learning and kids!

SLS is a family that
shares the love of Jesus.

Children learn about their Savior and His World.

We share the love of Jesus, and His forgiveness in our lives.

Children and their families work together in a safe and secure environment.

Springfield Lutheran School’s curriculum covers traditional school subjects while integrating Biblical teaching in all areas.  Accreditation is held from the National Lutheran School Accreditation and Missouri Non-public Accreditation agencies.  Caring and loving teachers, a family feel and small class sizes make SLS a wonderful place to learn of Jesus’ love, as well as to build a strong foundation of learning and technology for future Christian citizenship.

SLS is a family that
encourages growth.

SLS provides a rigorous academic program.

Hands on, inquiry learning and technology integration takes place in a traditional classroom setting.

Extra-curricular opportunities available in academics, music, and athletics.

Students experience personal spiritual growth and academic success.

Springfield Lutheran Students attend many area high schools and receive strong accolades regarding academic skills, abilities, work attitude and caring demeanor.  The faculty and staff at SLS have many years of education experience and possess many different gifts and abilities.  All classroom teachers are state certified and rostered members of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.  SLS is a holistic learning experience in which children are valued and grow in all areas of their lives.  The SLS family provides children with a wonderful foundation for life.