Small Blessings All Around

Josh WannerSaints Blog

Dear SLS Students,

We’ve made it another week on our home-based learning adventure!  Can you believe that it’s been a month since we’ve seen one another?  Our last day of in-person school was on Friday, March 13th.  Look how much has happened in one month.  It seems like a long time, and that a lot has happened.  That actually gives me hope.  If a lot can happen in just four short weeks, that means that a lot of good may be just around the corner!

It was a crazy Lenten season, and I was not very excited about an Easter trapped at home.  Did you feel the same way?  I was wondering if it would be lonely and sad without going to church, seeing family, and without fun, special events.  Instead, my season has been filled with:

  • Uplifting church videos that the Redeemer church staff worked really hard to share with us
  • A cat drawing left on my door from my favorite cat fan
  • A surprise neighbor visit who told me she was praying for me (from a far, safe distance)
  • A surprise Easter basket left at my door
  • A surprise Easter Lily left at my door
  • Some incredibly kind, encouraging emails from school families
  • A social distancing Easter Egg hunt for my nephew
  • An awesome, gluten free Easter basket from the Easter Bunny
  • A thank you email that made me tear up from a former student who is now in pharmacy school
  • A delicious Easter meal that still made the day feel special
  • Sitting in the driveway of a good friend and neighbor, still having a great chat from a long way away
  • Time to try new things, including learning fancy handwriting and learning how to make French Press coffee

God is SO GOOD to us, even in the hard times.  I am loving all the blessings I see all around us.  What blessings do you see?

I miss you and pray for you!


Ms. Cole