Why Do We Care About Christian Education?

Amanda ColeSaints Blog

42 years ago, a group of dedicated parents and church members decided to begin a new Christian school called Springfield Lutheran School. Taking that step could not have been easy. There are many considerations to make when beginning a school, but these caring Christian people were listening to God’s call to begin a school in which God’s Word would be taught and glorified.

42 years later, Springfield Lutheran School continues to provide a quality, affordable Christian education to children in the Ozarks. What drives the faculty and staff of Springfield Lutheran School to care about, and invest in, Christian education?

Simply put, He does.

Jesus Christ is at the center of all that we do. The SLS Mission statement says that we will “provide a Christian environment for the growth and development of children’s soul’s, minds, and bodies, equipping each child to strive towards what God intended him or her to be.”

We truly mean that. We care about our students. We want them to have a deep, meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. We want to celebrate the incredible creation that they are to God. We want to help our students learn how to deal with life’s many twists and turns in a Biblical, servant-hearted way. We know that it takes the body of Christ to support one another, and we love partnering with parents to reinforce what they are teaching their children about God.

He drives us to do better. He drives us to do more. He drives us to lead by example. The children are worth every sacrifice, every bit of work, every hurdle that naturally comes in a school.

It is such a gift to be a part of a Christian school. We are so blessed.