Middle School (6th Grade - 8th Grade)

Middle school students face unique challenges in 6th through 8th grade.  Not only are students preparing for the transition into a more independent and rigorous academic program in high school, they often juggle complex feelings regarding self-esteem and friendship.  Springfield Lutheran School is able to provide middle school students with a loving and supportive environment needed to give them confidence, help them navigate social issues in a Christ-centered way, and prepare them academically for their high school experience.  

Middle school students at Springfield Lutheran School participate in departmentalized classes, allowing them to experience switching classes and managing multiple teacher requirements.  Students learn how to effectively compose research papers, immerse themselves in guided and independent reading to learn to analyze, interpret, and reflect on many literary genres.  Our instructors teach students to support answers with evidence and express themselves through writing.  Students explore science through hands-on learning, and complete Algebra I prior to high school, giving students the opportunity to begin geometry in high school.  All students participate in daily Bible study, helping them deepen their faith in Jesus Christ and seeking His will for their lives.  

Springfield Lutheran School is also intentional about allowing our middle school students opportunities to take breaks and socialize.  Students in middle school are provided with regular outdoor breaks to visit, exercise, and have time to be kids.  

Students in grades 5-8 are also eligible to participate in extracurricular sports, allowing them to challenge themselves physically and explore new interests and opportunities.

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