Technology has become a key part of life in our modern society.  At Springfield Lutheran School, we understand that children need to learn technology skills in a balanced and age-appropriate way.  Our teachers provide students with modern technology skills in a traditional classroom format.  Students are provided with ample “screen free” time to allow them time to develop creativity and positive social skills, but that is balanced with focused technology skill building time and application.   

Classrooms in grades 1-8 are fitted with a Promethean Board.  Some teachers may incorporate iPads at various times throughout the week to enhance classroom learning.  Students in 1st grade are introduced to Chrome devices.  In 3rd grade, students start integrating Chromebooks with daily classroom activities.  Middle school students are in a 1:1 classroom environment.  Students are given a Chromebook to use for the school year and are responsible for taking it home and charging it each day.

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Computer Policy Form
Parents of students in grades 3 - 8 are asked to read, with their child, the Digital Citizenship Agreement and Computer Policy in the SLS Handbook. After reading through the documents, fill out the Google Form to verify you and your child have completed this task for the current year.
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Securly Home App
Our school uses Securly to keep students safe on their school-issued devices. As part of the solution, we have given you access to the free SecurlyHome app you’ll have a real-time view of your child's activity on their school device. You'll also get a weekly email from Securly with a snapshot report of that activity.  The email you have give the school office will be the email address you will receive the notifications.
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Chromebook Insurance

SLS provides insurance coverage for each of our chromebooks. Part of our registration fee covers the cost of this insurance.

Insurance covers:

  • Accidental Damage - Drops, Spills, Cracked Screens and Liquid Submersion
  • Theft, Burglary and Robbery Coverage (a copy of the police report is required)
  • Standard Perils - Fire, Flood, Natural Disasters, Power Surge due to Lightning, and Vandalism
  • Mechanical Failure and Manufacture Defect

If your child has any issues with the chromebook, please have them see Mr. Wanner to make arrangements for repair.