Getting to Know Coach Shannon Schmidt

Amanda ColeSaints Blog

Get to know SLS basketball coach Shannon Schmidt! We asked her a few questions to get to know her better. Check out what she had to say!

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a mother of two, a wife of 25 years, a teacher of 12 years, and a lover of the Lord for 48 years. 

Did you compete in basketball in school? 

I played basketball for Kickapoo High School and was courted by a couple schools to play ball in college. Ultimately I decided that I did not want to play in college.

How long have you coached basketball over the years?

I have coached girls 7th and 8th grade basketball for eight years and the boys 7th and 8th grade basketball for the last three years.

Tell us about your experiences as a coach.

My experiences as a coach have been phenomenal.  I have won some games, lost some games, had some fun road trips, and even won a trophy or two. The best experiences though, have been the relationships I have built on the court. 

What do you enjoy about coaching?

First and foremost, I love working with middle school students.  Second, I love basketball.  Coaching basketball combines both of those loves. The best part of coaching is being able to spend time with the students outside of the classroom.  I get to play, teach a sport I love, and help others feel confident about how God made them. What can be better than that?  

What do you wish people knew about being a coach?

Being a coach is tiresome, yet very rewarding.  Helping a child become more self-confident and learn what it is like to be a part of a team is a special gift. We get the opportunity here at SLS to see students attempt a sport they would never have dreamed of trying.  It is awesome to be a part of that special experience. 

Describe what an effective athlete is to you.

An effective athlete is someone that is coachable.  It is someone that wants to do well for themselves and for their team.  This is someone that is always asking how they can improve, works hard, and wants those around them to succeed. 

How do you integrate the Christian faith into athletics?

God gives us all so many different gifts.  Athletics offers a great opportunity for people to see how each of us has value and plays a part of a bigger whole.  As a coach, it is my job to make sure everyone knows they have special gifts from God. Not every player is a Michael Jordan, but each player has something to offer their team.  If shooting, dribbling, or defense isn’t your gift, maybe your gift is motivation or determination.  

Is there anything else you’d like us to know about basketball at SLS? 

Basketball at SLS is about so much more than just winning on the court.  It is about recognizing how you can let Jesus’s light shine through you.